Since 1985 we have been satisfying your taste buds at Araliya Hawthorn and we are now pleased to bring Araliya home to your dining table in St. Kilda and the surrounds.

Blending traditional Sri Lankan herbs and spices w/quality Australian produce to offer you a unique dining experience in your own home.

Choose from a wide range of scrumptious curries, healthy vegetable (all coeliac friendly) and rice dishes to suit any palate.

For all things that’s good for your health wise, do try ARALIYA!


Pan Rolls

Crumbed vegetable rolls (3 rolls)

Seafood pastries

Seafood filled pastries (3 pastries)

Crumbed Meat Patties

Curried minced meat patties (3 patties)

Free Range Egg Mixture

In a parchment thin Godamba Roti

Thosai Roll GF

Pancake made w/”Uridh” Dhal and filled w/spicy vegetables




Red Lentil GF

Cooked w/baby spinach leaves

Mallum of the day GF

Shredded vegetable of the day cooked w/mustard seeds, coconut

Beetroot and Turnip GF

Sauteed w/cardamom and pepper

Pumpkin GF

Ground mustard and roasted coconut

Green Beans and Cashews GF

Tomato and coconut milk




Beef GF

Red beef curry-diced beef chunk steak cooked w/Sri Lankan herbs and spices

Lamb GF

Lamb shoulder curry-cubes of lamb cooked w/mustard and vinegar

Pork GF

Fried pork scotch diced cooked in a dark roasted spice infusion (hot&spicy)

Egg Curry GF

Curried free range eggs in a yellow curry

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry GF

Free range thigh fillets w/fragrant lemongrass and cardamom

Devilled Chicken GF

Pan fried chicken w/roasted tomato and chili sauce (hot)

Fish (180grams) GF

Tamarind Fish Curry-fresh fish of the day cooked w/tamarind and pepper sauce (med-hot)

Coconut Fish Curry (180grams) GF

Fresh fish of the day cooked in our own roasted spice mix and coconut milk




Biriyani (lamb or chicken) GF

Slow cooked rice and lamb/chicken in an aromatic spice infusion, cashew and sultanas

Red Rice GF $5.50
White Rice GF $5.50
Vegetable Rice GF $8.50
Steamed Saffron Rice GF $6.00
Lentil Rice GF $7
Coconut Roti

Wheat flour coconut onions

Godamba Roti

Parchment thin wheat flour bread

Thosai GF

Ground lentil pancake

Stringhoppers (8) GF

Steamed strings of rice flour dough




Pappadams GF

6 pieces

Cucumber in Yoghurt GF $4.50
Mango Chutney $4.50
Chili and Onion Sambol w/Dried Tuna GF $4.50
Coconut Sambol w/Dried Tuna GF $4.50




(Your Health Kick For The Day)

Vegetarian GF

Four different vegetables accompaniment and rice

Chicken GF

Three vegetables, accompaniment and rice

Beef GF

Three vegetables, accompaniment and rice

Lamb GF

Three vegetables accompaniment and rice

Pork GF

Three vegetables accompaniment and rice

Fresh Fish GF

Three vegetables accompaniment and rice

Queensland Prawns GF

Three vegetables accompaniment and rice

Kothu Roti Vegetarian

Parchment thin pieces of Roti tossed w/vegetables and free range egg (a popular hawker dish in Sri Lanka)

Kothu Roti Meat

Parchment thin pieces of Roti tossed w/chicken/beef/lamb and free range egg (a popular hawker dish in Sri Lanka)

Lumpries prepared only on 24hour notice

Ideal for dinner parties/gatherings as individual serves, the name comes from the Dutch word Lomprijst consisting of Dutch style meat balls, mixed meat curry, sambols and Savoury rice wrapped in banana leaves, slow baked for your indulgence (minimum of 10 parcels)





Steamed coconut custard w/Kitul Palm sugar

Love Cake

Semolina, honey, rose water, cashew nuts, preserved pumpkin