Since opening in 1985, Araliya Hawthorn has crafted a unique marriage between eastern spicing and western culinary techniques that uplifts the palate through refined flavours for your enjoyment, now spicing up St Kilda!


Aperol Spritz
Prosecco, Aperol, Orange
 Sri Lankan Mule
Arrack, Lime, Ginger Beer
 Dogarina Prosecco DOC
Treviso, Italy
 Colombo Martini
Colombo 7 Gin, Housemade Dry Vermouth, Orange Twist
Bombay Dry Gin, Housemade Sweet Vermouth, Campari


Short Eats
Oysters. Chilli and Lime Spike. Shucked to order (4 pcs) $16
Crab. Toasted Coconut. Rum. Betel Leaf (2 pcs)  $12
Thosai Roll. Lentil Flour Pancake. Pickled Vegetables. Capsicum Puree  $8
Grilled Prawn and Calamari. Curry Leaf Dust. Mango and Lime Sauce  $10
Crispy Calamari. Chilli. Spring Onion. Bean Paste  $12
Spiced Fish Empanada. Cumin Pastry. Smoked Tomato Sauce (2 pcs)  $12
Pan Rolls. Crumbed Crepes with Smoked Tomato Sauce (2 pcs)
Root Vegetable
Spicy Fish
Chicken Spare Ribs. Sticky Tamarind and Lime Leaves. Sesame Seeds  $13
Lamb Friccadells. Fresh Crumbed Lamb Patties. Minted Yoghurt (2 pcs)  $11
Pork Belly Nuggets. Twice Cooked Pork Belly. Spiced Besan Flour Crumb  $9
Spiced Chips  $6.5


From The Street
Godamba Roti Omelette
Wheat Flour Roti.
Free Range Eggs. Prawn Paste.
Chilli. Tomato. Spring Onion
Kothu Roti
Classic Hawker Dish. Wheat
Flour Roti. Mixed Vegetables.
Free Range Eggs. Curry Paste.
Bone Broth Basmati Rice. Egg.
Cashew Nuts. Sultanas. Yoghurt


Short Hoppers
Egg Hopper
Egg Hopper. Katta & Coconut Sambal $8.5
Roasted Mushroom. Coriander. Shallots. Coconut Caramel. Matcha Hopper  $12
Deviled Calamari. Mango. Lime. Chilli. Paprika Hoppe  $14
Confit Duck. Pickled Pineapple. Chilli  $14
Pork Belly. Mango Chutney. Green Papaya  $14
String Hoppers
Yellow Curry. Egg. Coconut Sambal  $14
Red Lentils. Spinach. Coconut Sambal  $14
Chicken Spare Ribs. Sticky Tamarind and Lime Leaves. Sesame Seeds  $13
Chicken Mole. Fresh Turmeric. Tomato. Lemongrass. Coconut Sambal  $11


For the Table
Market Fish
Steamed, fresh market fish. Lemongrass, lime and coconut milk. Borrowing a little from Thailand
Tamarind Fish
Fresh market fish fillets in a thick tamarind, gamboge and pepper gravy
Seafood Curry
Fresh fish, prawns, calamari and mussels in turmeric and lemongrass
Chicken Mole
Free range chicken pieces. Fresh turmeric, chilli, cashew and coconut marinade
Chicken Curry
Free range chicken thighs. Lemongrass, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves
Duck Curry
Confit Duck. Star Anise, cinnamon, roasted pineapple and arrack
Tamarind Pork Belly
Twice cooked, free-range pork belly. Tamarind, black pepper, rockmelon and pickled papaya
Black Pork Curry
Diced pork scotch. Dark roasted coconut, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Charred garlic
Lamb Curry
Mt Leura free-range lamb shoulder. Sri Lankan curry powder, mustard seeds and fresh tumeric
Jaggery Beef
Braised grass-fed ox cheek. Jaggery, roasted coconut and cardamom. A house specialty
Red Beef Curry
Beef chuck. Lightly toasted SriLankan spices, tomato and chilli


Vegetables & Accompaniments
Asian Greens – warm salad of mixed vegetables $15
Lentil with baby spinach  $15
Shredded vegetable of the day  $15
Cucumber in yoghurt  $5
Mango chutney  $4.5
Coconut sambol  $5
Eggplant Pahie  $5
Additional Vegtables of the day (ask our staff)


Hoppers, Rice & Roti
White Basmati Rice $6
Unhulled Red Basmati Rice  $6
Saffron Rice  $6.5
String Hoppers  $6.5
Plain Hoppers  $3
Godamba Roti  $5.5
Coconut Roti  $6.5
Thosai  6


Ayurvedic Meals

Ayurvedic Meals seek to represent the six elements sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungency and astringency.

Vegetarian Nirvana

Three vegetables of the day cooked in various styles, Red rice and condiments


Your choice of aromatic meat curry or lentils. Two vegetables. Rice and condiments



Badagini (For the entire table please… )

Let our chef select our best dishes to give you a culniary tour of the flavours of Sri Lanka.


Six shared dishes


Eight shared dishes




Steamed Coconut Custard. Banana Sorbet
Coconut Cigars
Coconut Crepes. Spiced Treacle. Cinnamon Ice Cream
Green Sorbet
Basil Sorbet. Roasted Pineapple. Chilli. Ginger.
Love Cake
Semolina. Honey. Almond Essence. Lots of Cashew Nuts. Preserved Pumpkin
Curd & Honeycomb
Buffalo Curd. Kitul Treacle. Honeycomb
Dessert of the Day


Dessert Teas – $6.50
Chocolate Rooibos
Roobios tea, cinnamon pieces,
strawberry petals, calendula petals,
natural strawberry flavour and natural
chocolate flavour.
Berry Coulis
Hibiscus, plums, blueberry pieces,
rosehip natural chocolate, cherry,
strawberry and black berry flavours.
Chocolate Chai Mint
Black tea, ginger, cinnamon,
cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper,
rose petals, mint leaves and natural
charcoal flavours.
White Mint
White tea, cornflower petal and garden
mint flower.
Parisian Vanilla
Silky cream of fresh vanilla rooibos
tea, richly infused with natural vanilla
African Sunset
A gentle balance of sweetness and
citrus with a touch of spice to refresh
and revitalize.
Oolong Rose
Exquisite rose, delicately sweet.