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Join Peter Parker and MJ for a romantic visit to Venice then defend the city against the menacing water creature in LEGO Marvel Spider-Man 76129 Hydro-Man Attack. This cool construction toy for kids features a canal-side café with a buildable coffee machine, an outside table and minifigure seats and an explode function, plus a bridge with an explode function, attachment points for minifigures and an underground sewer with a LEGO rat figure. This fun building toy also includes a gondola and 4 Disney Marvel minifigures with weapons and accessories?including an interchangeable Spider-Man head for Peter Parker and 9 assorted web elements?for creative play and to recreate thrilling scenes from the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.
  • This Spider-Man playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: MJ, Peter Parker, Mysterio and Hydro-Man, plus a LEGO rat figure
  • This LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man construction toy features a Venice scene with a canal-side café, bridge, gondola and a buildable water base for Hydro-Man
  • Café features a tower with attachment points for minifigures and web elements, rooftop garden with plant elements, buildable coffee machine and outside space
  • Outside space features an explode function, buildable table, coffee cup, pizza slice and newspaper elements, 2 minifigure seats, buildable street lamp and flower elements
  • Bridge features an explode function, attachment points for minifigures and web elements, sewer with LEGO rat figure, pizza slice element and a gem element
  • The gondola has 2 minifigure seats and an oar element
  • Activate the café and bridge explode functions to send minifigures flying into the canal
  • Take apart and build up Hydro-Man's water base to elevate him to different heights
  • This superhero playset includes Mysterio?s 2 power energy elements for imaginative play
  • Accessory elements include Peter Parker?s interchangeable Spider-Man minifigure head, plus 9 assorted Spider-Man web elements to customise your builds, minifigures and weapons
  • Peter Parker, Mysterio and Hydro-Man are new
  • Recreate thrilling superhero scenes from Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home movie with this fun building set for kids
  • Add 76128 Molten Man Battle and 76130 Stark Jet and The Drone Attack construction toys for even more Spider-Man action
  • Venice scene measures over 6? (17cm) high, 9? (25cm) wide and 3? (9cm) deep
  • Gondola measures over 1? (3cm) high, 3? (9cm) long and 1? (3cm) wide
  • Hydro-Man's buildable water base measures over 2? (7cm) high, 2? (6cm) wide and 2? (6cm) deep
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