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Kids can go on a secret (and fun) mission with the LEGO Ninjago Fangpyre Mech. Children can help Cole on a mission against the mighty LEGO Fangpyre Mech. With the Lego Ninjago play set, players can take the golden Fangpyre staff from Fang-Suei—but swiping it won't be easy. Young ninjas can use battle launchers and powerful grabbers to battle Fang-Suei and the giant Fangpyre Mech. For extra help, kids can turn to Cole's special golden scythe and special kendo armor for protection. Plus, the LEGO Ninjago Fangpyre Mech has over 250 pieces, so the mission to help Cole capture the golden scythe will give him everlasting fun. All the excitement and fun begins when kids play with the LEGO Ninjago Mech.
LEGO Ninjago Fangpyre Mech:
  • Play set includes 255 pieces
  • Kendo Cole and Fang-Suei mini-figures
  • Fangpyre Mech features a flexible body, opening cockpit, fangs, powerful grabbers and a missile launcher
  • Golden Fangpyre staff
  • Exclusive golden scythe
  • Banana
  • Measures over 10 (26cm) long and 9 (24cm) wide
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