Get LEGO Friends Andrea’s Shopping Play Cube 41405 Building Kit, Includes a Mini-Doll and Toy Pet (40 Pieces) online



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Encourage kidslove of animals witLEGO Friends Andrea’s Shopping Play Cube playset (41405). Inside the shell of this portable toy is a mini pet store waiting to be discovered. Let yougsters enjoy role-play fun, pretending to be the storekeeper or playing the customer looking for some kibble! All the elements are easy to build and removable, so kids can play with them outside the cube. But theyalso attach to the play cube's base, which means no MOREmissing pieces when kids play on the move! The 2sides also split so little ones can share cube fun with a friend. Each play cube gives kids a flavor of thLEGO Friends World There are 5 Shopping Play Cubes to collect, each with a mystery pet in random colors, which gives these travel toys an element oLEGO Friends surprise. Kids can stack the cubes or connect them to create crazy shapes. Introduce kids to the WorldoLEGO Friends creative fun, where theycan explore their interests with their BFFs!

LEGO Friends Andrea’s Shopping Play Cube Building Kit Includes a Mini-Doll and Toy Pet, 40 Pieces

  • Inspire exciting LEGO Friends adventures on the move with this portable animal toy set. This compact LEGO animal playset lows kidsto play with the mini-doll and et shop wherever Theygo on their travels
  • Cubes pack big fun into a little space. This one includes a mini-doll, mini animal and toy aquarium. The mini-doll accessories bring the role play alive and heres a sticker sheefor customizing fun
  • kidscan play with the animal toys outside the cube, or pack them upfor fun on the go. Each cube stacks and onnects with all LEGO Friends Play Cubes tform fun displays. Or kidscan split them to share with a friend
  • The easy builds in play cubes are a great way to introduce kidsto the LEGO universe, and ean the play starts quickly. This pet shop toy makes the perfect giffor kidsaged 6+
  • Each cube measures just over 3” (8cm) wide and ” (6cm) high making it an ideal, compact, fun toy to take on a playdate. The colorful, portable toys are also greafor brightening uplong journeys
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