LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Jet vs Venom Mech 76150 Building Kit with Minifigures, Mech and Plane (371 Pieces) Clearance



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There Is endless action when kids play with LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Jet vs. Venom Mech. When the supersized 4-armed mech's monstrous claws reach for Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir launches a jet-plane attack on the super villain. This action-packed Venom mech set witLEGO Marvel Spider-Man minifigures will give superhero fans endless imaginative role-play fun. Kids open the mech's cockpit to place the Venom minifigure pilot inside. Movable arms and legs enable all-round mech mobility. The Spider-Jet is armed with disc shooters and flick missiles. With so much activity, this Hot building toy is ideal for both individual and group play LEGO Marvel Spider-Man building toys give kids an infinite universe of imaginative role-play adventures. With collectible vehicle, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons and gadgets, youg superheroes can recreate favorite Marvel movie scenes and invent imaginative stories of their own.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man, Spider-Jet Vs Venom Mech Building Kit With Minifigures, Mech and Plane (371 Pieces)

  • This enormous Venom mech gives kids a giant-sized bad guy to defeat. When they put the mini figure inside the mech, the mega mechanical monster can go anywhere and rab at anything including Spider-Man and jet planes!
  • An oversized, 4-armed version of Venom gives the villain extraordinary powers. The new Spider-man Noir action minifigure takes him on with a jet plane armed with a disc shooter and lick missiles
  • The mech's cockpit openfor the Venom minifigure to enter. Kids position its arms and leg for action, then battle Spider-Man! Combine with other cool LEGO Spider-Man set for extra play options
  • Boys and girls aged 7 and plus will play out endless superhero adventures with this LEGO Marvel Spider-Man building toy. A hot action gift for kids who love Spider-Man playsets and EGO minifigures
  • This great gift for kids doesn't need batteries. Kids can enjoy hands-on fun whenever they want. Battery-free LEGO mech toys encourage creative thinking, imaginative role-play and problem-solving skills
  • LEGO toys meet the highest industry standards, so they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily (no superpowers needed) and it's been that way since 1958
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