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Construct Wu?s huge ninja training base, Destiny?s Bounty. This highly detailed THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE? model consists of 3 modular levels and features a double-headed dragon figurehead, decorated sails, wind-up-and-release anchors, dojo area for ninja training, a bathroom and Wu?s bedroom in the hull. This amazing model also includes hidden weapons including the ultimate weapon? the laser-style pointer, plus 7 minifigures with assorted weapons to bolster the exciting role-play possibilities.
  • Includes 7 minifigures: Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole
  • Destiny?s Bounty features 3 modular levels (top deck, Wu?s dojo and mid-deck/hull), a double-headed dragon figurehead, 3 decorated sails, a chain of lanterns, 2 wind-up-and-release anchors, sky pirates skull handle, 2 barrels and 3 crates, Wu?s bedroom with a bed for a minifigure, and a bathroom in the hull, dojo with a scroll, training dummy and 3 training weapons, plus hidden weapons under the deck
  • Weapons aboard Destiny?s Bounty include the laser-style pointer, 4 golden sais, 2 golden katanas, 2 silver katanas, crossbow, black stone warrior sword, 2 golden shurikens and an Aeroblade with golden blades
  • Minifigure weapons include Wu?s staff, Kai?s 2 katanas, Lloyd?s tasseled sword, Zane?s bow and arrow, Nya?s tasseled spear, Jay?s spiked flail and Cole?s hammer
  • Accessory elements include 3 books, a broom, shovel, big telescope, handheld telescope and 2 fishing rods, Vermillion armor, Garmadon?s skeleton helmet, Anacondrai skull helmet, letter to Misako, 4 fish, 2 collectible cards, map of NINJAGO® world and a sextant
  • Recreate and role-play exciting THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE? scenes
  • Destiny?s Bounty measures over 17? (45cm) high, 21? (55cm) long and 6? (17cm) wide
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