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At the secret LEGO Ninjago Mountain Shrine, Ninja Kai is in training to increase his dragon power. Children can help him get even stronger in order to better protect the shrine and the treasure inside it from the evil skeleton army. There are 169 pieces in total and little ones are sure to have plenty of fun building and inventing creative scenarios for fun playtime. This kids' building set features the Dragon Ninja Kai mini-figure and one skeleton training figure that do battle. Also included is a unique character card and four battle cards to help set the story. The little warrior can also use the included golden dragon spinner and spin to victory. If the skeleton army still doesn't give up, kids can equip their ninja with the dragon sword of fire to turn the odds in their favor. If the skeletons get to the shrine, it is well protected by two training axes, a double scythe and a chain weapon. This LEGO building set is suitable for ages 7 to 14.

Lego Ninjago Mountain Shrine 2254

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