Since opening in 1985, Araliya Hawthorn has crafted a unique marriage between eastern spicing and western culinary techniques that uplifts the palate through refined flavours for your enjoyment, now spicing up St Kilda


LAMB FRICCADELLS Mint sauce, Lamb mince, fresh bread crumbs, (2 )  $11
THOSAI  Lentil flour pancake, pickled vegetables, red wine shallots, fried lentil $14
FISH PATTIES  Fresh fish, cumin seed wheat flour pastry, smoked tomato chutney  (2) $12
PAN ROLLS  Crepe filled with root vegetables, bread crumbs, smoked tomato sauce (2) $9
STEAMED CABBAGE ROLLS  cabbage, banana blossom, Quinoa, chilli jam (2) $9.50
SCALLOPS IN A HOPPER Pan seared scallops in a thin rice flour pancake, lime leaves, light spices $22
SPICY QUAIL  Spring onion, chilli, Shaoxing wine $16
BEETROOT CURED SALMON  Sichuan pickled cucumber, capers  $19
OMELETTE OF GODAMBA ROTI  Wheat flour, free range eggs, goat cheese, tomato, spring onion $22
CRISPY SCHOOL PRAWNS with Togarashi $9
CHICKEN SPARE RIBS Spicy yoghurt, chilli, cumin, lime $10
CRISPY CHILLI CALAMARI Spring onion, chilli,  bean paste  $9
KOTHU ROTI  Asian Hawker dish consisting of wheat flour roti, free range eggs, vegetables $26
KOTHU ROTI  Asian Hawker dish consisting of wheat flour roti, free range eggs, meat $28


(All mains and vegetables are Gluten free)
VEGETARIAN NIRVANA  Three vegetables of the day cooked in various styles, Red rice and condiment $24
ARALIYA CURRY DINNER Your choice of aromatic meat, two vegetables, rice and condiment $24
CRUSTED FISH  Black olive and herb crusted with Kohlrabi raddish, red onion, saltbush, fennel, caraway seeds and saffron dressing $24/36
STEAMED FISH  Mirin, soy, young ginger, coriander, pressed lemon $24/36
PULLED LAMB SHOULDER Mt Leura pasture fed with Quinoa, cracked wheat, Pomelo, sultanas, dates, Edamame  (GF available) $ 24/30
PORK BELLY Free Range twice cooked with tamarind, peanuts, rockmelon, pickled papaya $24/29
SEAFOOD CURRY  Fresh fish, prawns, calamari, scallops, fennel, turmeric, lemongrass $42
JAGGERY BEEF  braised grass-fed beef spare ribs, jaggery, spring onion puree, pickle mustard $34
ARALIYA CHICKEN  Milawa Chicken, black garlic, cardamom, roasted coconut on a capsicum and chilli puree $30


Asian Greens warm salad of mixed vegetables $15
Green beans  with cashew nuts $15
Pumpkin  with ground mustard $15
Lentil with baby spinac $15
Kipfler potatoes with spring onions $15
Shredded vegetable of the day $15
Twice cooked eggplant, dates $8.50/15
Cucumber in yoghurt $5.00
Mango chutney $4.50
Coconut sambol $5.00


White Basmati Rice $6
Unhulled Red Rice $6
Saffron Rice $6.50
BIRIYANI RICE  cooked in meat stock cashew nuts, sultanas, yoghurt (lamb/chicken) $24
STRINGHOPPERS lacy circles of fine strings of rice flour dough steamed $6.50
GODAMBA ROTI  parchment thin wheat flour bread $5.50
COCONUT ROTI  wheat flour, coconut, curry leaves $6.50
THOSAI  Ground lentil rice flour pancake $6


Steamed coconut custard, banana sorbet $15
Coconut cigars, cinnamon ice cream $15
Chilli & ginger, roasted pineapple, basil sorbet $15
Milk chocolate mousse, sweet potato custard, salted, caramel, hazelnut crumble $15
Love cake – semolina, honey, almond essence, lots of cashew nuts, preserved pumpkin $15

SET MENUS (No further discounts available)

SET MENU   1 (VEGETARIAN) $59.00 PER PERSON (min 2 people)

Cabbage Rolls
Thosai pickled vegetables, red wine shallots
Asian green salad & Nam Jim
Vegetarian Kothu Roti (Sri Lankan street food) or
Vegetarian Nirvana (comprising of three vegetables, red rice and condiment)
Roasted Pineapple & Basil Sorbet

SET MENU 2 $69 per person (min 2 people)

Lamb Friccadel,
Fish pastry
Omelette roti, free range egg, goat cheese
Beetroot cured salmon
Pork Belly / Jaggery beef
2 Vegetables of the day, Saffron Rice
Dessert of the day